Postcards from Paradise

“Postcards from Paradise” was a series of monthly notes previously published by The Astute Recorder. Hawaii photos and articles by Phillip S. Roberts (pictured above). Phillip is the author-photographer of “Waikiki Tiki: Art, History, Photographs.” Buy it now on Amazon »

Aloha from the middle of the Pacific!

Hawaii Photos: Eternity Beach

Known as “Eternity Beach” for the famous love scene in the movie “From Here to Eternity,” Halona Beach is located before Sandy beach on the West side (pictured above). It was here that Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissed in the gentle rolling surf. The scene has been parodied and re-enacted numerous times since the film’s 1953 release.

Hawaii Photos: Prince Kuhio



Pictured Right

Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanaiana‘ole (1871-1922) was the last royal Hawai‘ian family member to hold political power. A statue of Prince Kuhio is featured here.

Phillip S. Roberts

Our man in Hawai‘i, Phillip Roberts, has been documenting the island lifestyle since 1993. Radio air personality, photographer, tour guide and writer, he is a jack of all trades. Phillip writes about things to do in Hawaii. His first “Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs” a contemporary, landscape-styled book that offers a pictorial documentation of the past and present of tiki (and related art forms) throughout Waikiki as well as Hawaii's island of Oahu. He contributes to Innov8, the Go Airlines in-flight magazine. Well-traveled in the South Pacific, Phillip has visited far-flung locales such as New Zealand, Rapa Nui, (Easter Island) and Tahiti and the entire Hawai‘ian island chain. The Mai-tai is the perfect drink in his humble opinion.

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