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Looking to get found on the Web?

Judy Asman Communication is a seasoned search engine optimization company that has helped start-up businesses become small businesses and small businesses grow to the next level. We specialize in white hat, organic SEO, focusing on helping organizations get found in the unpaid sections of Google and Bing.

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If your company is serious about Web content maintenance and an aggressive approach to SEO, call us. We offer monthly programs that will ensure your Web content never gets stale. At the same time, our SEO plan will help increase your chances of gaining and staying in top positions so your prospects find you.

Our services include:

  • Key word research
  • Meta data
  • Optimized content, but ensuring authentic conversations exist
  • Social media optimization for greater link sharing
  • Analytics and tracking, part of monthly maintenance program

How does organic SEO work?

If you’ve done even minimal research on search engine optimization, you may have come across a myriad of theories and best practices. At Judy Asman Communication, we focus on the basics and that generally starts with ensuring that your business has a legitimate presence both online and offline.

With organic SEO, history tells us that our websites need more than just key-word rich content to succeed in page ranking. We need longevity and verification that we are respected in our industry.

In most cases, our organic SEO services do not provide quick results. However, in some cases, we’ve seen our websites shoot from pages 2 and 3 to the top 5 or even #1 positions on Google and Bing. Here’s an article about organic SEO »