Social Media Optimization

Looking for a company to help with social media optimization?

At Judy Asman Communication, we offer SMO services as part of our general search engine optimization strategies. In addition, we will work with your organization to build loyal communities through stimulating conversations and by sharing relevant information about your company and industry.

Our team of digital gurus have experienced both personal and professional success through social media. We’ve also watched our clients and previous organizations where we’ve been employed grow their audience as a result of our efforts.

Why social media matters?

If you’re not yet convinced that social media can make a difference in your business, consider first the impact the tool has on search engine optimization. While we are fully aware that conversion rates via social media have yet to prove themselves when compared to SEO or e-newsletters, your presence on social networks is no doubt effective for lead generation. And we all know that business is a numbers game. The more the leads, the more the prospects, the higher the rate of conversions to customers.

Search engines like websites that are credible. Websites are deemed as credible if links to them are posted in credible outlets. These outlets include Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The more your links appear on these website, the higher the probability of your website gaining traffic, which is a key contributor to greater page rank.

Whether you’re seeking social media optimization as part of your organic SEO package or want to generate a viral buzz about your event, music, program or entire organization, Judy Asman Communication can help you to build and execute a solid plan. But remember, the best social media programs are those that are done with patience and time. Talk to us if you’re serious about a multi-month program.

We offer:

  • Enhancing your Web presence through Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter
  • Identifying hashtags to help with industry buzz
  • Using these newer media to help develop relationships with new and existing customers
  • Continuous updates for consistent campaign presence