Looking for ways to promote your website? Whether your business is new to the Web or you’ve just finished a site redesign, it’s never too early, too late or too redundant to market your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be key to helping your site appear on page one of Google and Bing. But it’s important to use other ways to promote your website, which also helps with SEO. The more site visits you attract, the more optimized your site will be.

Some Tips

Think of your website as a resource. Because updating or creating a new website may not be “newsworthy,” emphasize the content you’ve added (and why). This will go a lot farther than simply listing your domain address or saying, “Check out our new website.” For instance:

  • You’ve added questions to your FAQs section to save customers time. By going to this section, they no longer have to call you for answers.
  • You now offer more detail about your products and services, giving your customers a central place where they find out why your products and services are better than your competitor’s.
  • You’ve just boosted your About Us section with more bio information about your staff. Now your customers can find out what makes your staff authorities in the industry, adding to your credibility and saleability.
  • You’ve just added more detail to your Contact Us section, such as ways customers can instant message or video chat with your customer service reps.
  • You’ve just added an option to your website that enables visitors to sign up for newsletters or promotional offers?

Go for the pull. Use your marketing materials to let your customers know how your website will make their lives easier.

Sample copy:

Do you need reminders about our shipping policy? Do you have questions about where our products come from and who distributes them?

You’re not alone!

Customers like you frequently ask us for this information. That’s why we’ve added answers to these and many more questions to our new FAQs section.

Visit this section (link to your new FAQs) now to get even more questions and answers section.

Put it everywhere. Think of your website as a party that you’ve planned. If you don’t invite anyone, they won’t come. Now that you have your new website, it’s time to invite folks. But how and where? Some cost-effective ideas:

Your business card. This is the most obvious and you’re probably already doing it. Spice up your approach by using pull questions like what we see above. For example: “What makes our staff the authorities in our industry? Find out at www.mysite.com.”

On Facebook. This option assumes you already have a Facebook page and an audience. If you do, create a schedule of when you’ll promote different sections of your new website. For instance, FAQs on Monday, About Us on Tuesday, and so on. Remember, it’s social media, so ask users to join the conversation. For instance, at the end of your post that promotes your FAQs link, end with question such as: “What frequently asked question do you have?”

Flyers and postcards. Along with your business cards, you can order inexpensive flyers and postcards through services like Vista Print. These are both excellent options if you’re doing a promotion and want to send folks to your website for more info. For example: “Wondering what to give clients for the holidays? Check out our Holiday 2012 specials at (your link here). And don’t be afraid to use a QR code. If you do use a QR code, include in your copy that customers can start shopping right away if they’re using a smartphone. For example: “Got a smartphone? Scan this code with your barcode scanner app to shop now!”

Your newsletter or magazine. If you send a monthly or quarterly magazine (print or online) to your customers or members, feature an article about your new website and how it benefits the readers. If you did a survey before revamping your site to find out what customers needed to access online the most, show a bar chart of survey results, then explain how you addressed their concerns with the new Web design and content. A catchy headline like “You asked, we listened” always helps.

Your Exercise

  1. Using a spreadsheet, write down five things that are new about your website. In the next column, write down why you added this content and why it benefits your customers.
  2. On a separate sheet of paper, jot down questions that might pull your customers in. For example, “Have you ever wondered why our shoes are so comfortable?” “Have you been looking for an archive of all of our magazines?”
  3. Jot down places your customers are most likely to receive information about your company. Are they on Facebook? Do they receive a monthly newsletter from you? Do you have a retail outlet?
  4. Plan your materials and message accordingly. For example, if your customers are always on Facebook, use your pull questions to create posts and link to your new website. On postcards, include a QR code with a pull question, as noted above. If you own a retail outlet or online store, put your postcards in bags or shipping boxes.

Does this get the creative juices flowing? In what ways have you marketed your website? What works for you?

Judy Asman

CEO, Chief Content Officer at Judy Asman Communication
Judy founded Judy Asman Communication in 2005 primarily as a print writing service. In 2007, her company evolved into a Web design home-based business fueled by the demand of her existing clients. Today, Judy provides a wide range of traditional and new media services thanks to her diverse background in mass media and communications.

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